Beauty Bar

AMG Beauty Bar is a premier beauty bar that specializes in makeup, microblading, and body waxing. Ashley Marie Gallo is the owner & founder of AMG Beauty Bar. Her passion is to make her clients feel exquisite and exude confidence, by accentuating their natural beauty individually. She feels that the focal point of the face is the eyebrows. With the correct shape, it can easily enhance someone's overall look.

Ashley has been perfecting her craft for over 10 years. Her work has been featured on QVC, Fox News Philly, ABC News, The 76ers Dancers, The Portrait Book, "In her Glory" by Karen Carey, and NYFW.

When you're Ashley's client, your experience is more personal than a typical beauty bar visit. You will receive exceptional service, in a timely fashion, and leave feeling fulfilled.

Ashley would like to thank all of her clients, family, friends, and mentors who have encouraged her to embark on this incredible journey. She cannot wait to personally give you an AMG experience! ❤️

The AMG Team Meet

Devon Kelley, Director


When people ask me how I got into this career I say I fell into it naturally. In high school I would watch YouTube tutorials constantly. I was infatuated with the products, the transformations, the industry, the art of it, everything. I never thought I could actually have a career as a self taught professional makeup artist. I started small just doing makeup on friends and family, which led to creating my Instagram account @MakeupBy_Devon.

I eventually began working for Ashley as a freelance artist and have been by her side for years. That is ultimately what kick-started my journey into this world of beauty. People actually liked what I was doing and the more people I did the more I was able to perfect my craft. I am always practicing and trying to better myself to learn the best techniques to use on every client. Every experience is custom to the client and their specific needs. Now I am proud to say I am the Director here at AMG Beauty Bar.

I have a Bachelors in Business Management from West Chester University and was the President of my sorority, Alpha Phi. To have my passions for beauty and leadership come together like this has been a dream for me.

I specialize in all services: Makeup, Waxing, Babydoll Lashes, and Microblading.️

Alyssa Rivera


As a young girl I have always found inspiration in art whether it was drawing in scrapbooks, painting in art class, coloring books and then makeup. At 17, I became obsessed with watching youtube makeup tutorials, learning and practicing my skills knowing that this was my passion.

Soon after graduating high school, I attended Jeane Madeline Aveda Institute, getting my certification and then my license. About 8 years later I perfected my craft, still finding the great enjoyment of it all and always excited to learn more. I look foward to making clients feel more beautiful about themselves. The reaction that I get the moment they look in the mirror is priceless. All the genuine hugs, big smiles and sometimes tears are what warms my heart and keeps me going. I truly love what I do. Makeup is my life and will forever be a part of me.

At AMG I will always give it my all and bring a lot of positivity and creativity to the table. I come with an open mind where I have no fear in learning or taking risks to grow or to better myself. I look foward to meeting new beautiful people who allow me to express my creativity as well as my gratitude for the many opportunities to be a part of their fabulousness.

Jenna Gallagher


While growing up I was always told by parents that whatever I was going to do in life, to be the best and never let anything get in the way of my dreams. I never let that phrase leave my thoughts with anything I did in my life; I was going to succeed and I was going to be the best. As a young girl I’ve always stood out for my creativity. I found myself obsessing over celebrities and watching tutorials on YouTube for hours. At 13 I remember each allowance I got was spent on a different beauty product. With each product I bought I spent time teaching myself how to use it and perfect my skills. Therefore, at the age of 18 I decided that I was going to go into the makeup industry and not only was I going to do the best, but I was going to be the best.

Practicing makeup at such a young age brings a lot of challenges because it is very competitive, but I try to bring any challenges my way because it will only better me. Although I chose a career at such a young age that’s very challenging, I know that this is the greatest choice I have ever made in life. To practice what you love is something that not everyone does in life, and I’m so appreciative that I get that opportunity and I get to show that everyday with each new canvas. Apprenticing with Ashley for Microblading, Makeup, Babydoll Lashes, and Waxing has gifted me with so much knowledge and an education that will never stop growing.

I strive to build an empire with my work and conquer every task that comes my way. As far as I'm concerned we all have something that we fell in love with when we were little...I fell in love with playing in my moms makeup bag at the age of five, and that has now turned into my career, my passion, my dream and I could not be happier. I’m so excited to meet and service all of my new clients! ️

Carly Giangiulio


I have been involved in cosmetics and the artistry since I was sixteen. I have been exclusively freelancing since 2015, and my passion grows stronger and stronger with every single client that I have the opportunity to work with. If I am not in the salon, I am at home researching and working with different products and brands to make sure my artistry kit carries the best, most reliable products for my clients.

I love experimenting with a wide range of styles, whether it be a simple, skin-focused look or a bold, editorial eye. The most rewarding aspect of working in this industry is the ability to help my clients feel more confident and glamorous by enhancing their unique, natural features. I have a deep admiration for every client's beauty and individuality, and I love being able to bring those features to light in my artistry.

My main goal with every client I encounter is to leave them feeling more comfortable in their own skin and more appreciative of their own beauty than they were when they walked in. I am so excited and blessed to be able to bring my constantly evolving techniques and knowledge to AMG Beauty Bar, meet all of my wonderful clients, as well as work alongside the best artists in the business!