Pre-Care Instructions


If you’re planning on receiving the Covid Vaccine, you must wait at least
4 weeks after to get any permanent makeup procedure.

Do not consume Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, or Advil
(It will cause your blood to thin).
Do not tan 4 weeks prior or have sunburn.
Botox needs to be done 3 weeks prior.
Do not have any type of facial/chemical peel 4 weeks prior.
Do not work out right before the procedure.
Please discontinue Vitamin A, C, E, Retinol, 4- 5 weeks prior.
Do not take any fish oil supplements or turmeric 3 weeks before.
No green tea for a week prior.
Do not eat any sushi a week prior.
Do not consume alcohol 24-48 hours before.
Do not consume a full cup of coffee before you come in.
Do not consume almond milk 48 hours before.
Do not tint eyebrows 6 weeks before.
Do not wax/pick/tweeze/ perform electrolysis on eyebrows one week prior.


Please refrain from using “waterproof mascara” for 3-5 days before service.
No make-up on eyes at all before coming in. We prefer you come in with a fresh clean face.


Please stop all retinol, acne treatments or any products that cause your skin to be sensitive 2 weeks before the service.

You have to wait at least 3 weeks after botox to be waxed.

Please refrain from using self-tanner on your face if you are getting an eyebrow tint. Self-tanner tends to turn the brow tint to a slight hue of green if the client is using it on their face.


You have to wait at least 3 weeks after Botox to get your makeup done.
We ask that you come in with a clean moisturized face so we can start our session with you right away. If you are coming from work, please come 15 mins prior to your appointment, we can provide you with a face wash to
remove your makeup.

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