Eyebrow Services

Real Brows Microblade
Time: 3-4 hours. Includes two sessions.
AMG Master Artist: $850
AMG Artist: $600 & Up
Ombré Eyebrows
AMG Master Artist: $800
Phi Removal
Includes two sessions. Removal of unwanted pigment in the skin using glycolic acid or enzymes.
AMG Master Artist: $600
Deposit to set appointment
Consultation (optional)
Time: 30 mins
AMG Eyebrow Blow Out
Eyebrow hairs are semi permanently lifted and tinted for fullness
$120 & up
Eyebrow Shape Up
Option to use sensitive or regular wax
AMG Master Artist: $40
AMG Artist: $25
Eyebrow Pop
Color tint & shape
AMG Master Artist: $60
AMG Artist: $45
Eyebrow Manscaping
Men’s eyebrow grooming
$25 & up
Eyebrow Tweeze
$40 & up


AMG Beauty Services

BabyDoll Lash Lift
Enhances your natural look with perming & tinting your lashes
Full Beauty Makeup
$95 & Up
Faux Lashes
Basic Personal Beauty Lesson
Time: 2 hours
$200 & Up
Revamping Your Beauty Bag & Personal Beauty Lesson
Time: 2.5 hours
$300 & Up
Group Beauty Sessions
Please consult for pricing


Facial Hair Removal

Facial Hair
Option for wax or razor removal